Muros Antigos

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Creative Agency: Moço Wine Branding
Photography: Hugo Pinheiro
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Anselmo Mendes
Location: Portugal
Packaging Contents: White Wine

Muros Antigos is a Vinho Verde brand that is composed of four different wines — Escolha, Loureiro, Avesso and Alvarinho. This is a unique wine creation produced by Anselmo Mendes, and it counts with almost twenty years. It was, inspired by the stone walls of the northern region of Portugal — Monção and Melgaço. One of the greatest redesign challenges was to preserve the abstract language of the watercolour painting while respecting the potential to unfold each vine variety and simultaneously, including the typical stone walls. One solution emerged from the stains caused by the elements in the stones. The mineral and fresh colours of the illustrations correspond to the flavours of the different varieties used to produce each wine.