KGB Vodka

Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: Bonney Creative
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Asahi Premium Beverages
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Packaging Contents: Pre-mixed vodka

KGB Vodka is a pre-mixed vodka brand with origins in New Zealand and is the No. 1 ready-to-drink in the South Korean market. It’s not a heritage vodka brand with hundreds of years of family history, quite the opposite. KGB Vodka is a modern day brand with a bold attitude and they proudly move to the beat of their own drum. Unfortunately, with increasing pressures from emerging RTD products in the market, KGB Vodka required a rejuvenation to help maintain it’s relevance with millennial consumers and give it a new direction.

An integral element to the relaunch of the KGB Vodka masterbrand was the modernising and crafting of the KGB Vodka wordmark and star device and the creation of a new visual language system that gave the key asset new meaning. The ‘KGB Vodka Look to the Stars’ system was inspired by the night sky – the constellation a visual metaphor that sets the scene for the brand to connect with its audience with wonder, energy and infinite possibility.