Design Studio BOB

Berlin, Deutschland

Designer: Alessia Sistori
Packaging Content: Beer bottles
Location: Mexico

Less material, more usability.
The goal of the redesign was to create a sixpack carrier, that has a very high usability and is as eco-friendly in production and recycling as possible.

On one hand the packaging offers to the user a flexible handling of the single bottles without loosing any functional aspects of the packaging. On the other hand it is using the same amount of material as the common paper banderole packaging and resigns any glue, which lowers the material costs to a minimum and makes it easily recyclable.

The round, wavy shape prevents the breaking of the paper in a specific point or angle. This creates the desired stability, despite the little amount of cardboard.

The two parts are linked at the bottom in a way that distributes the forces that derive from the weight of the bottles. The shape of the bottom and the outer dimensions of the packaging arise from the shape of the beer crates, where the sixpack carriers are carried in from the production to the selling point.

The waves are also giving the product its name “meerbier“, whose sound has two meanings in German, “beer of the sea“ and “more beer“. The name communicates a positive feeling of summer and at the same time calls the users attention to the additional advantages, by offering „more“ to him and our environment. The plus as a logo increases this image.

The bottle design also plays with the double meaning of the brand name. Some slogans represent the characteristics and the mood of the package and the beer. The plus stands in lieu of the name “sea” but also for “more”. The added frases complete the slogan into statements like “sea/more .. for the environment” or “sea/more .. in your fridge”.

The Packaging has been exposed at the “Emballage” trade show in Paris in November 2014.