hellotaste – strategic rebranding as a creative collective

With Greenfood to Fast Good: After the investment of Katjes Greenfood and the formulated goal to grow internationally, the new brand hellotaste evolved from Ohso Lecker within one year. Our agency collective, consisting of meta maniacs (brand strategy & copywriting), Morphoria and design studio B.O.B. (both corporate design, illustrations, packaging), completely rethought sauces in a strategic rebranding process and positioned hellotaste in a previously monotonous market colorful and bold: Why reach for the old standard when ketchup 2.0 does away with bulls**t like unnecessary calories, fats and animal ingredients – and tastes just as good.

Diverse colors, diverse target group, diverse portfolio: The rebranding to hellotaste literally strengthens the market position. The color palette goes far beyond the colors of the rainbow. 17 different sauces bring joy to supermarkets and the family table – because hellotaste is for everyone. Say hello to the new saucelizer. The bottles are as eye-catching as the illustrations & claims that identify each product and make it unique.

From WHATS’S UP KETCHUP to HEY YOU MAYO, from pink to bright green. hellotaste – goodbye boredom.

Lead agency: Design Studio B.O.B. x Morphoria x Meta Maniacs
Creative Direction: Design Studio B.O.B. x Morphoria x Meta Maniacs
Brand strategy & Copy writing: Meta Maniacs
Brand strategy & 1st Idea: Jesko Thron (Katjes Greenfood)
Photography: Spicecream
Client: Hellotaste