Designer: Stefano Pellegrini
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: ILLVA Saronno S.p.A.
Design manager (Bormioli Rocco S.p.A.): Gabriele Cossu
Location: Saronno, Italy
Packaging Contents: Liqueur
Packaging Materials: Glass, Paper

Tia Maria is a dark liqueur made originally in Jamaica. The storytelling of the brand dates it to the 18th century, and it’s origin from a recipe given from a noble woman to her nurse Maria. The main flavour ingredients are coffee beans, Jamaican rum and vanilla. The product is mainly consumed by a female target that drinks it in cocktails. So both his story both shis consumption has a feminine characterization: that is something to remember in the restyling.

For the first time the new restyling, is about both the glass and the label. The brief requires to make a more modern bottle and to put the branding higher, because now is pressed down by the current shape of the bottle. The creative idea of the glass, starts from a bottle of beer from Parma, which affects me for its original shape, that from a square base, becomes round on his shoulders. With this example, I ask the Bormioli glassware to create a more curvy and sexy shape.

The label is an academic restyling. The old label’s shapes are transformed into two shape overlapping. They are united not in the center, to move the visual weight to the left, and animate the total label figure. The logo is on the black and appear almost as was printed directly on the glass. The bottom is framed by a golden line that is in opposition whit the gold barrels in the top, added to recall the rum.