One of the most important Innovation projects I had the opportunity to develop, as a Design Manager in ILLVA Saronno, was Disaronno Velvet. The first great innovation in the Disaronno Brand from 500 years! Disaronno Velvet is a Cream Liqueur, a smooth creamy product, with milk but with the unmistakable taste of Disaronno Originale.

For its packaging, the first thing to do was to color all the glass in white. This was necessary for two reasons: marketing and practical. From a marketing point of view, the white pack could: stand out from a shelf (liqueurs has typically dark packs), show immediately to the customer the brand innovation, and clarify the creamy content. From a practical point of view was necessary for the stability of the product: the white coating could protect from the light the internal liquid.

My idea for the label was very simple; I wanted to show in a very immediate way the same concept of the recipe: Disaronno + milk. For this reason, I decided to spray the original label with a splash of milk, to reassure the consumer that the product was exactly the original one with just a kick of milk.

The label is not just gold and white. I played a lot with the pigments and the foils to create multiple layers of splashes and make the final look more premium and rich. Also at the touch the label is not all plain: embossing and glossy/matte varnishes were used to make the graphic and logos pop.

The final touch was modifying the iconic square cap. For the white bottle was necessary to use a different closure than the original black one. The new one is exactly the same but in a pure white color, where the golden carving stands up more elegantly than ever.