FIOL Prosecco is a cool and young brand of wine based in Treviso, Italy, has a very slick design and eye-catching label, already award-winning. I had the opportunity to work for the brand at the Christmas ’22 packaging, a single-bottle gifting pack.

The idea was to create something a bit different from the usual paper box or metal tube that is the typical single-pack of the sparkling wine industry.

For this reason, working jointly with the supplier, I developed a 3 pieces pack, made in two different materials. The box once put together had the dimensional shape of a classic paper box, but the standing (and the essence) of a more complex, more elegant (and more intriguing) pack.

I chose to use materials that were premium and interesting at the touch. A white matte paper, and a black-colored-fiber paper with a soft-touch varnish: to never see the white side of the paper  (a thing that happens if you just print the black on white paper).

All the logos were printed in white on black paper, using serigraph printing and embossed varnish, to have again something premium and interesting at the touch.

The final product is something interesting, perfect for gifting, and coherent with the brand and the bottle in terms of color and design.