Salute to BACH – Brandenburg Concertos No.3 5 6

ANGLE visual integration


Creative Agency: ANGLE visual integration
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Taiwan
Packaging Contents: CD

The Brandenburg Concertos are amongst Bach’s most famous orchestral compositions. Full of a wide spectrum of different instruments and magnificently daring in its combinations, the concertos are classics that continue to be well-received in the modern world, and are also widely regarded as the pinnacle compositions of the Baroque period. Baroque music mainly refers to a style of music which was became increasingly widespread during the Renaissance, and was a type of music which saw popularity before the spread of the Classical music style. Initially, Baroque was a term used in the field of architecture, and was only gradually adopted by the arts and music. Baroque music is characterized by its extravagance and a generous use of decorative notes. Baroque music typically contains short, strongly played rhythmic patterns, and elaborate melodies.

The picture on the cover of the album has been divided geometrically, and portions of Bach’s portrait and marble slabs overlap and intersect each other have been divided once again, representing the magnificence and cadence of the music. In addition, the see-through outer case with the name of the album carefully engraved onto the exterior, appear as gold-engraved text found in court buildings. Thus creating an effect that is extravagant and exquisite, yet not overly assertive, allowing one to indulge in a noble yet tasteful banquet of music.