RIVON La Petite Sirène

ANGLE visual integration


Creative Agency: ANGLE visual integration
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: RIVON
Location: Kaohsiung City

RIVON is one of Taiwan’s most renowned Western-style bride cake brands. Amongst Western-style bride cakes, Rivon has consistently been named a top choice. To continue to face the ever-changing preferences of customers, it also wishes to become a market-leading brand. As a result, Rivon ceaselessly introduces new gift boxes from which to choose. By gathering and analyzing data, along with conducting market research, we have introduced the Eternal Love gift box, which emphasizes the imagery of “youth”, “ocean story”, and “happiness”. For the plan of our visual design, we used European-style decoration patterns as the main focus for our style along with paintings featuring marine imagery. Pearls embodying the meaning of “ocean treasures” and “happiness” are paired with a shell-shaped box. The image on the box depicts the ocean encompassing mermaids and pearls to endorse collection. During additional processing, bronzing and embossing are added to the design, allowing a clearer representation of the design layers, and thoroughly bringing the joy of newlyweds to the friends and family receiving the gift boxes.

For this new year, it is hoped that this new model of gift box can continue to help RIVON accumulate value in the market, and enable it to take the next step to establish a higher level of brand image in the hearts of consumers.