Jia County is located in the northeast of Kaohsiung City. The Jia County Farmers Association buys plums from Jia County, Nanmaxia, and Taoyuan. Many greengage agricultural products have been developed due to the connection between greengage harvest, place of origin and aging. In recent years, Jiaxian Agricultural Federation has promoted the concept of organic planting in the Jiaxian area, making more and more people understand that only by treating the land well can agriculture develop sustainably.

Regarding the reconstruction of the brand identity of “Jiaxian Chuyun”, through the exploration of the essence of the brand and market positioning, a new logo and standard characters with the character of “出” and the impression of clouds and mist on the top of Chuyun Mountain were designed. The design of the new packaging for gift boxes and plum candy takes into account the needs of inventory, transportation and display, and designs a new box type. Jiaxian plum candy is called “black gold”. Due to the harvesting process and timeliness, it is described locally as “Jiaxian plums are blackened”. This is because when greengage is harvested, it must be worked in the dark until the night before it can be processed immediately, which also presents the characteristics of direct delivery from the place of origin.

The outer box of the gift box is made of corrugated paper and black paper. The inside and outside are pure black, and the side is printed with a gradient fluorescent green, just like the faint dawn before dawn, echoing the harvest scene, and conveying the characteristics of consistent black inside and outside and high quality. Irregular stickers on the glass jars and hand-painted images on the outer box convey the value of non-mechanical mass production and local production. Plum Blossom Candy uses shared paper bags for two flavors as a solution to the inventory problem, and adds paper ropes to enhance the deliciousness of the packaging. Due to the characteristics of the partly handmade process, the design does not require stickers with prescribed sticking positions, which not only reduces the packaging cost but also demonstrates the characteristics of unique display and mass production.