Creative Agency: UPRISE
Creative directors: Alexey Astakhov, Alexander Orlov
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: APU
Location: Mongolia
Packaging Contents: Vodka

Branding agency UPRISE has completed a new project for Mongolian APU companies – the development of brand of vodka “Taiga”.

In Mongolia, as in Russia, winter, spring, summer and autumn are brightly expressed, there are the own paints in every season, the own emotions and feelings. It is proved that consumer taste preferences and expectations also vary throughout the year.

The project idea is to create original vodka brand, which consists of four assortment positions, each of which corresponds to a particular time of year. Four unique recipes have been developed, consisting of 100% of natural Mongolian ingredients: warming is for the harsh winter, invigorating – for a long windy spring, refreshing and light – for a hot summer, a rich and relaxing – for warm autumn. We have sought to convey the mood of each SKU in the design, to talk about exclusive natural products. Bottle is a wide shtof with a thick bottom, it looks impressive and thoroughly. The colours of labels are muted, pastel, they complete the colour of the drink. The contrast logo block is located on a separate label; it is clearly visible on the shelf and brings together the entire line. The main ingredients of the recipe are shown at the bottom of the label, and on top of the illustration, you can follow the transformation of nature – landscape with the image of a Horidol Saridag mountain range changes, blossoming with the freshness of spring, pouring with the ripeness of summer, turning into bright saturated colours in autumn and coving by the silvery snow in winter. The textured matte surface, selective varnish and embossment, adds an element of volume.

“Taiga” vodka arrived in the retail network in June 2016, on the eve of the national holiday of Naadam. According to the words of manufacturer, the consumers liked the idea of four different flavours of each season.

At the moment the sales are increasing for the autumn and winter positions, although the “summer” taste is sold well in summer.