Coca-Cola (ACN) Special Edition Bottles

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Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: FP7/CAI
Director: Maged Nassar
Executive Creative Director: Ahmed Hafez Youness
Creative Director: Rami El Kerdani
Senior Graphic Designer: Mostafa Abdelmawla
3D Artist: Mohamed Yehia Mostafa
Client: Coca-Cola Egypt
Location: Egypt

Coca-Cola has always been the official sponsor of the Egyptian fans. In this football-mad nation. the national pastime has long been more than just a sport. This nation lives for football, however fans doesn’t own their national team’s jersey.

The initiative invited all Egyptians to turn Egypt into a foreign-jersey free zone, just before the African Cup of Nations (ACN). How? By designing a customized national jersey specially made for the Egyptian fans and ask them to exchange other countries national team jerseys they own with the Egyptian jersey.