Designed by mousegraphics & Dimitris Papazoglou
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Neoderma
Location: Cyprus
Packaging Contents: Cosmetics line

The briefing: “We need to redesign the identity of our major cosmetics line and imagine all possible applications”

The target consumer: World wide audiences who use cosmetics

The design: Our client has a very successful line of cosmetics under the brand name Neoderma. As the company invests on new technologies and advanced research we were asked to redesign the brand’s identity so as to reflect this ongoing engagement with innovation. We decided to develop a brand language which would reflect this commitment, would last for a long time and would also be able to reach quite different groups of consumers around the world. We focused on the brand name (translated as New Skin) and on the letter N in particular as this is emblematic of the concepts of newness, change and improvement. We distilled its structure to the diagonal line, as this is perceived as a dynamic vector in visual grammar, aesthetics and philosophy. The black diagonal on a totally white landscape became the principle brand image as a metaphor for a clear, dynamic path open on both sides and directions. The various brand products are differentiated according to a color coding of this diagonal line with choices that are elegant, subtle, slightly iridescent. The line is crafted on all brand related applications: engraved, embossed, altered through various printing techniques and materials, weaved in, sculpted.