Creative Agency: XPRESS!ONS
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Zauberman Winery
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Packaging Contents: Wine Bottle
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Corrugated Board and Paper
Printing Process: 2 color offset, metalic foil, blind emboss, selective laquer

Zauberman is a privately owned boutique winery in the south-central region of Israel. Manufacturing small, limited editions of high quality wines. Itzik Zauberman and his partner Raz Dahan exercise special care in every step of the wine making process. Mr. Zauberman’s personal interest in Japanese history, culture, art and fashion was the inspiration for the Zen concept of “EQUANIMITY”, a special wine created from a superior harvest in 2011. These Special Edition bottles are packaged in a custom, made-to-fit two piece box. The bottom segment containing the wine bottle is printed in a lively red while the white upper portion, the cover design, shows a typographic and calligraphic silhouette conforming to EQUANIMITY’s contour describing the wine’s concept and characteristics.

What’s Unique?
The typography is set following a comprehensive study of the Japanese Kimono. The red band suggests the “Obi” (central sash) while the vertical type creates the elegant flowing robe. The word EQUANIMITY at the head of the silhouette is handwritten in a Japanese calligraphic script marking the wine’s brand signature.