Creative Agency: Hart And Jones
Creative Partner: Chris Hart
Designer: Dane Winterson
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Zydus Wellness
Location: Bath, England
Packaging Contents: Margarine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic
Printing Process: Flexo

Hart & Jones has revamped the packaging for margarine brand, Nutralite, adopting a new approach for the category.

The new Nutralite packaging is designed to convert butter lovers to the benefits and taste of a margarine. Dairy has a powerful place in Indian culture and although Nutralite was the biggest player in margarine, 90% of India’s yellow fats market is butter. Nutralite needed to win over butter users to gain a respectable share of the category.

Hart & Jones were briefed to create a proposition to challenge the butter category and reinvigorate this dated brand to project a more modern, appealing, and tastier image of itself.

Hart & Jones employed their semiotics led design approach to understand the cultural context the Nutralite brand was playing in. “We were intrigued to find that while Indian’s rising middle class have deep concerns about rapidly rising incidences of heart health, diabetes and obesity, diet worries are also a badge of prosperity” says Simon Jones, managing partner. “So the underlying message of the majority of the non butter players being ‘pretend butter’ was unsurprisingly not resonating. With this in mind we knew we had to approach the redesign from a completely fresh angle, control the health conversation and make the most of the other brand assets that Nutralite had.”

Shunning category norms, Hart and Jones utilised their unique insights to focus on encoding the right messages to entice the middle class yellow fats consumer exploring the brand proposition of Nutralite as a modern contender with simple and delicious solutions.

“We knew the key to converting butter lovers was going to be taste and fitting into the everyday busy modern lifestyle. The health claims were the foundation but not the focus” comments Chris Hart, creative partner, “this gave us the opportunity to free the brand elements, enliven the packaging with colour and light, and entice the consumer with taste cues, the resulting sea of colour and excitement in the once mundane chiller fixture has had a big impact on the category.”

Sachin Dingankar, Marketing Director at Zydus Wellness, the owners of the Nutralite brand, said: “We gave Hart & Jones a tough brief to put Nutralite up against the well loved butter category. Having considered other solutions in the past we found we were just delivering the same old messages in different ways. Hart & Jones’ semiotics led approach uncovered new innovative and persuasive messages and worked hard in their design execution to convey these messages in a relevant way, we are very pleased with the result.”

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What’s Unique?
First Indian non butter brand to speak about taste over health