PATPET Pet Waterless Shampoo (Concept)



Creative Agency: Kingsmen BX Lab.
Project Type: Concept
Location: Seoul, Korea
Packaging Contents: Waterless Shampoo
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic, Paper
Printing Process: Screen printing

PATPET is a beauty brand only for dogs. We provide a brand experience with love and care for dog. That can be delivered to customers. From various perspectives on the issue for visualizing love for dogs. We plan effective branding that can derive customer’s sympathy.

By using colorful and bright color palettes to establish the identity of PATPET. We use the color palettes and the typefaces that is identical to tonality of the brand to make the whole brand system feel unified.

What’s Unique?
Our naming process is created by analyzing the behavior of pets to derive the sympathy from customers. We create a logo design to show this process intuitively.