The Power of Packaging You Probably Did Not Know About

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Written by Marina Iermolaieva, she is a marketing assistant for All in packaging creative packaging.

An attractive and effective packaging holds the key not only to successfully market a product but to positively change its perception in people’s minds as well. Packaging, in fact, is the first point of contact of a product with the customers, which conveys all the aspects of its attributes to them. In other words, packaging essentially is the first impression that has the power to attract consumers’ attention and convince them to make the purchase.

A strategically crafted unique packaging design makes a product stand out among its competitors for the simple reason that it perfectly aligns all the necessary elements. It takes care of the product’s protection and safety, it differentiates and identifies the product, it makes the product attractive and eye-catching, it is comfortable in handling, and it furnishes all the necessary information for consumers’ knowledge. To sum it up, packaging is a potent merchandising and branding tool.

Based on a complete set of market data achieved by various studies conducted in the recent past regarding packaging, we have the following statistics:
1. 70% consumers accepted that they form their impression of a brand based solely on packaging.
2. 55% online customers are convinced that they will purchase from those websites again if their products come in customized packaging.
3. 63% consumers agree that the product packaging is as important as brand itself.
4. 52% people say that they will happily pay extra money for products if they like the packaging.
5. 30% businesses reported that their revenues increase when they improve their product packaging.
6. 64% people accepted that they purchase products right off the shelf, if they like the packaging without researching it.

Clearly, the above data reveals a lot about the effectiveness of packaging. As per these statistics, consumers seem to make snap judgments while making their purchase apparently because of packaging.

Therefore, the right kind of packaging is the one that is effective, cost-efficient, and which helps companies shine their brands.

But the moot question that emerges here is: WHY and HOW?
To answer this question, we must delve a little deeper and take a much closer look. A powerful packaging is quite capable of influencing purchasing behaviour of consumers in multiple levels. The more a package is aesthetically pleasing, the more it will be examined by the consumers, and the more their choice will be narrowed down. In influencing consumer’s buying decisions, logos also play a key role. Along with the packaging design, carefully placed logos become the single most visible manifestation of the essence of the brand for consumers.

Typography and colour combination are the elements that communicate with consumers in much deeper level. The elegant, austere, and straightforward fonts can make a lasting impression on consumers’ minds. Their readability helps customers make quick decision to purchase. The colours, on the other hand, if used smartly in the packaging, have the ability to visually set a product apart from its competitors. Colours that are soothing to the eyes of the consumers, set the right tone, and send a clear message to the consumers of what the product is all about. Moreover, consumers react differently to different colours. Also, unique shapes of packaging designs have long been used as effective branding purposes because they have the ability to create an exclusive image in the minds of consumers.

Use of Plastic as Packaging Material
Products that we see in supermarket shelves, shops, stores, or showrooms have to go through a series of transportation stages, due to which, there is an inherent risk of damage and contamination before they reach end users. So, to prevent such impediments, effective methods of safeguarding products through proper packaging is of paramount importance. Which is why, plastic packaging is being preferred to alternate packaging. Plastic packaging has the following benefits:
1. It weighs only half as much as alternative packaging materials, which makes it the best light option.
2. Plastic packaging, which includes plastic containers and plastic bottles, emits less greenhouse gases than caused by alternative packaging materials.
3. It prevents food from getting wasted, and meets all safety standards.
4. 90% of all products are shipped using cardboard packaging because it is safe.

Final Remarks
Packaging is at the heart of promoting a product, influencing consumers’ buying behaviours, and safety of the product. It communicates with customers, effectively telling them what the brand and company stands for. This is what the power of an effective packaging is.

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