Derrick Lin


Designer: Shuang Wu
Project Type: Student Project
School: Rhode Island School of Design
Course: Package Design
Tutor: Aki Nurosi
Location: Providence, United States
Packaging Contents: Oil
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Digital printing

Compared to normal seasoning brands, BOYAJIAN spares no effort to explore more unique and innovative products. It is perfectly suited for younger generations and cooking lovers. This repackaging project aim to show the brand’s innovative aspect through visual language and enable the customer to enjoy the whole experience from choosing, opening to using the product.

The new package changed BOYAJIAN’s reserved and more traditional label to this colorful and modern look which goes along well with it’s style. The side open design allows the customer to see more content of the product. A simple instruction leads the users to open the package from the top. The way it opens gives the customer a sense of opening a present. And as it opens, some further information about the product and a recipe for the customer’s use are shown.

*This is a a project done for a packaging class. It is not used by the olive oil company.

What’s Unique?
The shape graphics of the packaging and label is visually unique. And the way the customers open it gives them a sense of receiving a present.