Pearl – A Premium Milk Mixer

Derrick Lin


Designer: Rhianne Hicks
Project Type: Student Project
School: University of Leeds
Course: Graphics & Communication Design
Tutor: Ben Bradley / Alan Oliver
Location: London
Packaging Contents: Beverage Bottle
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Ceramic
Printing Process: Foiling / Embossing

Inspired by the iridescence and rarity of the pearl, Pearl is a premium milk mixer infused with pearlescent dust. Envisaged to be used as a base eccentric cocktails and to consume in a bar or to mark a special occasion. ‘A mixer to truly treasure’. The mixer comes in three varieties:

  • Lushe – Full Fat
  • Lite – Semi Skimmed
  • Luxe – Limited Edition Black Milk

The concept focuses on making the consumption of milk a sensory experience that feels idiosyncratic; creating an atypical, interactive, playful product in comparison to the consumer’s usual drinking habits. Each variant has a unique pattern inspired by oyster shells reflecting the ‘rarity’ of that specific beverage. Finishes enhance the luxury positioning of the product and elicit the natural iridescence effect of the pearl.

What’s Unique?
Milk is an uncommon mixer which has been enhanced with the pearlescent dust to make an innovative and playful new drink.