Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: høly
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: One & Olive
Photographer: George Telis
Location: Athens/Manessi, Greece
Packaging Contents: Olive Oil
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle
Printing Process: Screen printing

The Client
Initiated with love and passion by papa-Apostolis in 1896, Premium Greek EVOO One & Olive holds precious secrets carried through 5 generations and carefully kept for more than 120 years in the fruitful holdings of Manessi, Messinia. Apart from their papa’s passion and dedication, the Anagnostopoulos family has today inherited the most valuable recipe for the production of extra virgin olive oil, always consistent to the perfect combination of traditional processes and state-of-the-art technology.

The Assignment
We were asked to create a brand identity, accompanied by a dynamic digital presence. Their successful combination would result in the brand’s awareness and promotion worldwide, while not missing its traditional and human touch. To provide a holistic branding solution, our team was assigned the design of One & Olive’s visual identity and family packaging, along with product and on-location photography. As soon as all previous assets were defined, our web department took care of the brand’s representative and user-friendly digital presence.

The Solution
Respecting the history, authenticity and innovative quality of One & Olive’s premium product, we designed a dual logotype, serving both brand name’s visibility and brand’s main beneficial factor; the caring and kind-hearted farmer, as he peeks out of the word’s “ONE” negative forms. The color palette, consisting of both bright and earthy tones, are on a mission to embrace this discreet figure, the same way the farmer’s natural environment is embraced by the warm sunlight and delicate olive trees’ fruits. To build a cool and protective packaging, guaranteeing the premium products’ quality and preservation, we designed a series of vibrant bottles and a traditional tin can, without of course omitting the brand’s essential human and natural essence.

What’s Unique?
One & Olive packaging’s unique identity is owed to both brand identity design and color palette selected to embrace it.

On the one hand, bright and earthy colors make it distinguishable and suggest a color combination which is not common in olive oil packagings. This combination makes it special and able to constitute even a unique and outstanding gift from Greece to your beloved ones all over the world, branding and highlighting the familiar figure of the farmer guy – substantial to the product’s identity as a whole.

On the other hand, white-colored packaging also serves practical issues, as it benefits product’s humidity balance, preserving and guaranteeing premium extra virgin olive oil’s pure and excellent quality.