Creative Agency: Kingdom & Sparrow
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Small & Wild
Location: Falmouth, UK
Packaging Contents: Children’s herbal tea

Small & Wild is a newly launched brand of ‘happy herbal tea’ brewed especially for little taste buds. Alongside the founders Becky and Kate, branding agency Kingdom & Sparrow have developed brand identity and packaging that centres around storytelling.

The 100% natural tea is ethically-sourced and has no added sugar or nasties, making it perfect for little tummies. And the benefits of drinking it go beyond the child’s physical health, according to Dietitian Laura Clark. ‘As well as an innovative form of hydration, these sorts of drinks can provide an opportunity for families to come together and share in a healthful experience.’

‘Children learn from modelling so if we as parents can demonstrate the importance of keeping hydrated (as well as simply just taking five to breathe and check in with ourselves and our children) then that’s a bonus.’

Kingdom & Sparrow developed the brand and packaging with all of this in mind. The creative agency chose a traditional, hand-painted illustration style that appeals to children but also has nostalgic appeal for parents, while representing the natural and ‘wild’ ingredients.

‘We wanted to link the ritual of making tea with story time and quiet moments of family connection, so created a world of characters that we hope will capture imaginations’, says Creative Director, Johnny Paton.