GreeThings from Croatia

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Derrick Lin


Designer: Magdalena Krpina Zdilar
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: GreeThings from Croatia
Location: Zagreb, Croatia
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, plastic, wood, paper, cardboard
Printing Process: offset print, foil stamping, magnet application

GreeThings from Croatia is new Croatian brand which collects best of domestic Croatian products which induce every sense. The series contains about 20 products such as aromatised wine, liqueurs, spices, bath salts, tea, hot spices, sauces, beeswax candles, honey, honey-soap, board game Ludo, puzzles, hand creme, notebook, coloringbook, bookmarks, magnet clips, handmade candies and others. Every product is originaly made in Croatia and packed in GreeThings boxes which makes them the perfect souvenir. Every box has the magnet which secures that product doesn’t fall out.

Products are packaged into color divided groups based on their characteristics and the way they are used. By using each of them, there is (basically) a single sensation through which a person experiences this product, so we have those who are experiencing touch (hand-cream, labels, bath salt…), smell (spices, candles…), flavor (sauces, candies, wine…), vision (visually rich Croatian illustrations in coloring book, puzzles, notebook, magnet clips, coasters etc.).

What’s Unique?
Except unique concept which is strongly supported by design , every product made in Croatia, connecting full experience of psychological and physical experience… –> the greatest uniqueness is the unrepeatable and absolutely unique experience of every person who experiences Greethings from Croatia.

As we speak of Croatia’s full experience, this concept is based on those two words – CROATIA & EXPERIENCE:

1. The first word – CROATIA. In this case, it is conceptually and visually contrasting to the first word Experience and it is showed through the material. On the top of the one-colored soft touch coated packaging is lightly embossed foil stamped map of Croatia with original relief which makes the unique texture so you acctualy FEEL CROATIA.

Croatia in the geographical, material sense can be felt in all its forms (mountines, lakes, rivers, sea, islands…). Geographic map is a motif that is closely related to traveling and every tourist needs one. It is educational, provides many information and shows the country with all its wicker characteristics (size, position, distance, altitude and lowlands, greenery…). The geographic maps as a part of the visual identity gives information of a place where products are made and that way gives them additional value (for example, if somebody tells you that cheese is domestic it is ok, BUT when they tell you that grandma Mara made it and show you where she lives and you visit her, you will appreciate it much more.

2. Colorfull pattern is created by trying to visualise the term EXPERIENCE. An experience arises when informations goes through receptors in the brain and it is interpreted as non-material and non-tangible experience and which has something to do with emotions and memories. After traveling, trips, meetings, memories and experience are the ones that lasts longest.

People experience the world most thoroughly when all the senses are active, but if one is absent, the understanding is still good and enough to enjoy. This idea suggests that you can enjoy Croatia in the single product you buy, but definitely invokes the full experience by buying more products (more products – better experience).

The packaging of the product is designed to provide a complete image (experience). Each packaging (as well as product) is very attractive by itself, but with the others, it makes the whole (merging the picture into one, some sort of puzzle, calling to action “you WANT to have it all”).

Creating an emotional connection with a consumer, product is based on the idea that GreeThings is not just a souvenir, but a product that gives you Greet (non-material, experience) and the Thing (material, product, gift) in one.

Packaging Contents: Aromatised wine, liqueurs, tea, spices, bath salts, hot spices, hot sauces, beeswax candles, honey, honey-soap, board game Ludo, puzzles, hand creme, notebook, coloringbook, bookmarks, magnet clips, handmade candies