Topbit Foods

Derrick Lin


Design: Jason M. Villanueva
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Chandler, Arizona, USA
Packaging Contents: Protein Food Topping

The client had developed a new entry in the crowded Natural Food Products category. To grab attention at-shelf, the client wanted packaging that conveyed the product’s unique format: a food topping that can add flavor and crunch to main dishes and side dishes. In addition, the packaging needed to deliver the message that the product not only had a remarkable nutritional profile but also was tasty.

What’s Unique?
The first design challenge was to ensure the product was recognized as a natural product. To accomplish this, the design uses a foundation of a woodsy “brown bag paper” background, which suggests sustainability and nature. Overlaid on this is a subtle, modern geometric design, which hints at being a hand-made basket weave. The next design challenge was to clearly show the shopper that the product is not a nutraceutical or a smoothie ingredient but is, instead, real food. To convey this, the label text uses the word “food” twice: “Protein Food Topping” and “Real Food Ingredients.” This latter idea is underscored with the phrase “100% plant based.”

The word “Crunchy” is prominent on the label, and the design gives the shopper a Reason To Believe the product delivers crunch by showing the package contents on the inside single-use packet, on the outside box and, in the marketing image, generously sprinkled behind the shelf display box. The nutritional profile of the product comes through with wording referencing protein, amino acids, Omega 3-6-9, and antioxidants. The final design challenge was to show that the product is tasty. The Savory Herb flavor packaging delivers this with images of fresh green herbs; the Mixed Berry flavor shows shoppers intense blue blueberries and brilliant red raspberries.

Fresh, natural, healthy, crunchy, tasty—the TOPBiT packaging promises the customer a food experience that is an exciting enhancement to the foods they are already eating.