Derrick Lin


Design: Marek Jagusiak
Project Type: Concept
Location: Katowice, Poland
Packaging Contents: Vodka
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass, Oak Wood, Ceramics, Plastic, Brass
Printing Process: Screen printing

This concept design is an export variant of existing brand of polish vodka – Wódka Dębowa. Both, the visual branding and the packaging, break away from the original product which is very rustical and might appear somewhat outdated. Still, it sells well on the local market. My goal was to create a packaging that would convey the same traditional values in a sleek, new form. This would enable the product to compete with other successful polish brands of spirits, such as Wyborowa, Belvedere or Chopin, on international markets.

What’s Unique?
Despite the product, which traditionally is targeted toward male customers, about 75% of the positive feedback about this bottle design came from females. There is prevelent opinion among these women, that it would be the first bottle of vodka that they would ever buy for themselves.