Ocho Robles Agave Spirit (Tequila)



Design: Jess Glebe Design
Owner, Designer, Product Photographer: Jess Glebe
Co-Owner, Copywriter: Caitlin Riley
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Eight Oaks Craft Distillers
Location: Wyncote, USA
Packaging Contents: Agave Spirit / Tequila
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, Paper Label
Printing Process: HP Indigo Digital Printing, Hand-Written Batch Number

Eight Oaks is a veteran-owned craft distillery located in New Tripoli, Pennsylvania. Jess Glebe Design concluded its first package design project for the Eight Oaks limited release, Ocho Robles Agave Spirit, in June of 2018. While the Blue Weber Agave used to create Ocho Robles is sourced from Mexico, the spirit is distilled and bottled at Eight Oaks in PA, and is therefore barred from the “tequila” title. Nevertheless, Ocho Robles shines on shelf and is a staunch contender to any tequila brand. Both the spirit and the label design are an adventurous departure from the existing Eight Oaks portfolio of products, showcasing splashes of color through watercolor agave imagery, landscape illustrations, and ornate Mexican-inspired typography.

What’s Unique?
We worked with a unique dieline which grounds and showcases the Eight Oaks logo (which was created by a previous agency) in an integrated, yet subtle format — letting the Ocho Robles sub-brand stand on its own.

Back panel copywriting:
“Ocho Robles (Spanish for “Eight Oaks”) is our version of everyone’s favorite agave spirit. Blue Weber Agave nectar arrived at our distillery from south of the border, packed with 100% pure goodness. We cooked our agave mash, then fermented and distilled it into a silky smooth spirit that won’t stay bottled for long. Earthy, floral, and spicy, you’ll be shouting “¡Aye Dios Mio!” with every sip. So grab a shot glass or a margarita glass, and savor the spirit of agave.”