ReTreat Gelato



Agency: Jess Glebe Design
Owner, Designer, Product Photographer: Jess Glebe
Co-Owner, Copywriter & Brand Messaging: Caitlin Riley
Project Type: Produced
Client: ReTreat Gelato
Location: Wyncote, Pennsylvania
Packaging Contents: Gelato & Sorbet
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic tub, Clear BOPP Film base label, Paper lid label
Printing Process: Digital Printing

ReTreat specializes in artisanal gelato, sorbet, and confections crafted from all-natural, gluten-free ingredients. The company is located on the British Virgin Island of Tortola and is essentially a paradise all on its own, so we proposed both the brand name (ReTreat) and logo reflective of paradise. The typography is relaxed and loose, as one ideally feels on vacation. The crossbars of the two letter “t”s connect, suggestive of a hammock hanging between two ever-so-subtle palm trees.

ReTreat offers three varieties of gelato and sorbet: “Picked & Peeled” sorbet, “Happy Hour” gelato infused with island-made rum, and “Island-Inspired” gelato, using only locally-sourced ingredients.