Agency: Jess Glebe Design
Co-Owner, Copywriter & Brand Messaging: Caitlin Riley
Co-Owner, Branding, Design & Photography: Jess Glebe
Printing: Labelworx
Project Type: Produced
Client: Bright Land Coffee
Location: Wyncote, USA
Packaging Contents: Cold Brew
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Bottle, Metalized BOPP Label

Bright Land Coffee is that first sip in the morning that awakens the day and drives each dream. And for owner, Gary Lambert, it’s so much more…

After years of battling cancer, Gary had stopped planning for the future. But as he approached year four, he had a revelation. Despite so many setbacks, life was charging forward all around him. There were adventures to be had, a legacy to leave, and so much joy to be shared. With this mindset, his dream of launching a coffee company grew clearer, the future brighter, and his morning cold brew ridiculously better.

Gary’s adventures led him to Jess Glebe Design, and we’re so happy they did! From messaging and identity to package and collateral design, we helped turn his Bright Land dream into reality, developing his brand into something we are all proud of.

What’s Unique?
Fun Fact: Bright Land is the translation of Gary’s last name, Lambert (from the German, Landberht). So it’s not only his name going on every bag and bottle, it’s the culmination of his family’s legacy.

The logo we designed for Bright Land Coffee represents not only the physical, literal essence of our vast world at large, but the metaphysical and all things unseen. People, places, and memories that once were, that are, and that will be. Full of hope, wonder, and “wish upon a star” love that we all could use a little more of.