Derrick Lin


Design: Jess Glebe Design
Copywriting & Tagline: Caitlin Riley
Product Photographer: Jess Glebe Design
Label Printing: Labelworx
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Penny & Rose
Location: Wyncote, Pennsylvania, USA
Packaging Contents: Home fragrance, decor, and sprays
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper box, foam inserts, plastic bottles, glass bottles (mixed)
Printing Process: HP Indigo Digital Printing, Offset Printing

Penny & Rose awakens the carefree and simple days of youth with sentimental scents for every precious memory. Using natural, safe ingredients, their products fill the room with warm nostalgia and excite the home with dreams of whimsical days gone by. Whether you’re working, relaxing, or reminiscing with loved ones, embrace the day with Penny & Rose, and discover a scent for your thoughts.

We worked from the ground up with Penny & Rose to brand this timeless line of products, whose roots honor the lives of two extraordinary grandparents — Penny & Rose. From fragrance diffusers to surface sprays, the line offers a selection of premium scented products intended to entice universal nostalgia from its user. The creator of Penny & Rose envisioned a line of home products which connected core childhood memories of her time on her grandparents’ farm with specific scents. Each scent carries with it a beautiful, creative non-fiction story, written by Caitlin Riley, of what growing up on the farm felt, looked, and smelled like. The makings of true nostalgia at its best.

What’s Unique?
Modeled after seltzer bottles from the 30s and 40s, the Penny & Rose vintage-style features a special edition Penny & Rose logo which is molded into the glass. The bottle uniquely displays the floral bouquet and, with a custom designed seltzer bottle top, may be reused for soap, home decor, or anything your creative heart desires. The bottle not only shines in form, but in function as well. The ultimate up-cycle!