Packaging You Shouldn’t Miss In July 2018

Derrick Lin


Packaging of the World presents the top 10 posts for the month of July 2018. They are selected according to their post views, social shares, social likes, re-tweets repins and people reached. All these data were collected on this website and also on different platforms like our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest page. These projects will definitely inspire you for your next design project, you can also submit your packaging project here!

Boston Pizza – Miniature Patio Set #design by john st.

Boston Pizza turns takeout pizza savers into miniature patio sets. – The tiny chairs you’ve been dreaming of since you opened your first pizza box are finally here.

From the restaurant that brought you pizza in bed comes the latest in a long line of pizza innovations. This summer, Boston Pizza is celebrating patio season by creating tiny chairs that perfectly match the iconic pizza saver “tables” that come in their takeout boxes.

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Soo Zee 23 packaging design by The Creative Method

The Creative Method was asked to bring the story of Soo Zee 23 to life with a name, logo, identity creation, graphics, apparel, menus, tableware, a website and packaging. Soo Zee becomes a character of many forms that represents the art of mixing 23 herbs and spices to create an authentic beef noodle soup that you won’t forget.

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Oak Vodka packaging design by Marek Jagusiak

This concept design is an export variant of existing brand of polish vodka – Wódka Dębowa. Both, the visual branding and the packaging, break away from the original product which is very rustical and might appear somewhat outdated. Still, it sells well on the local market. My goal was to create a packaging that would convey the same traditional values in a sleek, new form. This would enable the product to compete with other successful polish brands of spirits, such as Wyborowa, Belvedere or Chopin, on international markets.

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Illui Truffles packaging becomes a serving tray

Limited edition gift packaging for truffles which becomes a serving tray after being given to the recipient. The luxury-minimalist graphics present the ILLUI brand on both sleeves when closing the packaging, and also in “the serving mode” on both legs of the table.

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Wölffer 139 Cider Cans design by IWANT design

Wölffer Estate Vineyard is ‘In The Heart of the Hamptons’ NYC, IWANT design have been working closely with them for three years working across all aspects of the winerys output. We now act as art directors across the entire brand developing new product and managing their digital platforms.

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Impressive student project! H by Barneys New York packaging design by Hyek Im

Hyek ImI was assigned to pick a brand to make hypothetical package designs for a line of products in a class at Art Center College of Design. After doing the market research and consumer interviews, Hyek Im found a viable initiative for a department store brand to make premium male skin care products. Male skin care industry is still at its infancy and one of the research showed that online boutique stores were recording rising sales of premium male skin care products.

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Tide packaging design concept by Thanasis Kakios

Tide launched in 1946 by PnG and was called The Washday Miracle. The PnG scientist who was determined to develop the world’s first heavy duty detergent was David “Dick” Byerly. Below you can see my proposal minimal design approach of the logo and packaging redesign.

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Shennongjia China Eco White Wine packaging design by Baixinglong Creative

The concept of environmental protection runs through it, eliminating the unnecessary printing and auxiliary materials, the bottle-bottom, bottle holder and the box are in one-piece, the outer box and the inner bottle light shadow is echoed.

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Snow Beer – Ingenuity packaging design by Tigerpan

The illustration on the bottle is created from a world-famous picture called “VJ Day Kiss”, of which the color is bold and bright, and the style is pop art, leading to a stronger and more attractive visual effect. Matched with a French typeface , the overall feeling of the package is nostalgic and romantic. Kiss seals love between lovers and souls merge here. The flowing lines on the graph reminds people of the taste of the coffee, which is as smooth and sweet as the illustration. Since the topic of romance is everlastingly popular regardless of age or sex, the package therefore helps to build up a brand image among customers through an interactive and resonant way.

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Yumx juice packaging design by MAISON D’IDÉE

Our goal was to create cool, playful, and, most importantly, a wide variety of fruit juices. So we have designed creative animals composed only of fruit. Making our own fruity zoo was another great chance for us to return to childhood, even just for a while.

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