Choc & Cup

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Derrick Lin


Design: Signe Stjärnqvist
Co-Designer: Alice Mikkelsen
Project Type: Student Project
School: Brobygrafiska
Course: Packaging Design
Tutor: Sara Larsson
Location: Sunne, Sweden
Packaging Contents: Chocolate
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard
Printing Process: Digital Printing

A fictional project we’re we were tasked to create an e-commerce company. Our result became Choc And Cup a brand making vegan chocolate company to spice up your hot cocoa.

The e-commerce industry is a fast-growing sector that has resulted in brands rethinking their online presence and communication. We need to be innovative to create an impact on a consumer – and our answer has ben a bold, expressive and fun brand identity to attract a broad range of consumers.

With a design that speaks volumes we are able to compete on a market dedicated to the young adults passionated about the environment. Taking inspiration from the fashion industry we created a range of illustrations for our bold and colourful packaging.

Each collection has four different flavour combinations – inspired by how the fashion collection we created our own and of course for the brave souls we have an avant garde collection.

After you have bought you will continue your experience with an unboxing effect. This is enhanced by integrating an insulating material, with our brand communication. When opening up the shipping box you are greeted with our logotype before lifting the top insulation layer off to reveal the product, and get a compliment doing so, “Oh hey there good-looking!”

The concept of shipping chocolate might sound simple, but it can be tricky due to their sensitivity to temperature change. Risking a smudgy piece of chocolate that has soiled the inner packaging is simply unacceptable. Traditional insulating materials however are often made from plastics or other environmentally harmful materials.

We approached the task mainly with support from a technical report written by engineers at Brnos University of Technology in the Czech Republic. The report investigates whether different compositions of cardboard based materials could reach a thermal resistance great enough to substitute traditional, more environmentally harmful, insulating materials.

Using their own calculations the insulation material became roughly 34cm which we had on each side of the box. The base layer of the insulating material was integrated in the actual inner main chocolate box making the shipping box considerably smaller but still keeping the same efficiency. The top layer has our logotype cut out which serves a purpose of making the insulating material a positive part of the unboxing experience.

What’s Unique?
What we have created is a e-commerce brand where both the design and identity speaks volumes to attract consumers everywhere.