Abraini – Su Filindeu

Derrick Lin


Design: Kristin Soh
Photographer: Justin Wiriadi
Project Type: Student Project
School: RMIT University
Course: Communication Design
Tutor: Renato Gallina
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Packaging Contents: Pasta
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Digital Printing, UV varnish, White-ink printing

Abraini is a hypothetical Sardinian brand that specialises in their Su Filindeu. Su Filindeu is the world’s rarest pasta and can only be made by two women in the Abraini family, mainly Paola Abraini from Nuoro, Sardinia. The challenge was to create a luxury packaging design that would profile the pasta in a unique and thoughtful way. As it is a high end product, the design needs to convey a sense of sophistication and provenance.

Su FIlindeu is translated to ‘threads of God’ because the intricate, fine threads of the pasta is achieved by pulling and folding the dough into thin, even strands. Thus, an imagery of a goddess pulling a thin thread seems fitting to represent both the brand and Paola, as it portrays the product as divine and special.

In order to portray a sense of sophistication and mystery, the Abriani logo is UV varnished and is the main focal point of the packaging. Furthermore, the packaging design intends to deliver a sense of provenance, local heritage and luxury through UV varnishes, a carefully chosen colour palette and copywriting. A sticker closure with Paolo’s signature and the words ‘special edition’ UV varnished onto it, not only gives a nice touch to the packaging but it gives a sense that Paola has signed it herself, making the packaging feel more personal and homemade. Other features on the packaging include a sweet message, ‘Handcrafted with love by Paola Abraini’ that has been UV varnished on the side, a small detail that tells consumers that this pasta came all the way from Nuoro and from Paola’s hands. A sense of provenance is further emphasised with the booklet, whereby a UV varnished illustration of Nuoro’s main cathedral, ‘Cattedrale di Santa Maria della Neve’ is prominently centred on the booklet’s front page.

Inspired by Sardinia’s landscape, from the rocks found on Sardinian beaches to the bright coloured townhouses, orange was chosen for the brand’s colours, albeit used with restraint. Black was chosen as the more prominent colour, as it not only allows the orange to be more distinctive but it has associations with the squid ink flavour of the su filindeu.

What’s Unique?
Though the pasta itself is already very unique, I wanted my packaging to not only appear as a luxury product but to also have a personal touch by the person who made the pasta, Paola Abraini. Thus, I have included details such as the UV varnished sticker of her signature, the UV varnished message on the side of the slipcase and finally, another sweet message printed in white ink when the box is pulled out. Due to the fact that su filindeu is a very hard dish to make, I have designed a booklet that has step-by-step instructions on how to make it with Nuoro’s traditional broth.