Creative Director: Devendiran B.
Copy Writer: Vaishali
Project Type: Produced
Client: Bliss Tree
Location: Bangalore, India
Packaging Contents: Traditional Grains, Flour, Rice, Cookies and Oil
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper and Plastic
Printing Process: Digital Printing

Sri Velavan Agro, a Tiruchi based manufacturer in India known for its high-quality natural health food products. The ideology of this company is to bring back the lost glories of food heritage and to make individuals lead a solid, infection free and refreshingly cheerful life. The company follows high ethical standards in nurturing the purity throughout the process from farm to fork.

Having the idea of expanding to the global markets and to bring back the traditional food with a modern vibe, Sri Velavan Agro approached us to create a premium brand and communication for its entire range of food products with a lively package design that stands out of the shelf.

Inspired by nature, we named the brand BLISS TREE, which symbolizes the brand attributes towards creating a happier and healthier planet.

We crafted a distinct yet modern logo for Bliss Tree, with the type ‘t’ grows upwards and connects with the type ‘l’ to form the Tree. This mark gives Bliss Tree a high recognition value in the overcrowded market. Thereafter, the identity was implemented through Stationery, Package Designs, Website and other Communications for its various mediums.

The complete Brand Expressions has been designed to represent sophistication & simplicity to capture the spirit of healthy living and the colors of life.

Bliss Tree was rooted with the aim to Reap Healthy Living for all. Emphasizing the brand’s nutritional value and benefits to personal health, therefore we coined the tagline for Bliss Tree as ‘REAP HEALTHY LIVING’.

Making part of the daily diet, the products will be contributing wholesome nutrition to the public that will enable them to combat modern-day ailments and lead a healthy life with much more happiness, love and care.

Since the launch of the brand Bliss Tree and its products in the market last year, it has evoked huge response among the consumers in online and retail. Consumers prefer buying the products because of its simple look and clear communication. The trademark got registered in all the applied categories. In one year time period, the brand is not only doing business in India but also is Internationally present across the USA, Sweden, Dubai, Hong Kong, etc.

What’s Unique?
Bliss Tree products are simple and natural, made with the best ingredients available. Vatitude has designed the packaging for Bliss Tree to celebrate this idea of simplicity and quality. With the visual touch of elegant and simple package design, Bliss Tree connects with its consumers in a most natural and inspiring manner. The persuasive power of this packaging design is well connected with the brand theme and elevates the standards of the product in the market.