Quatre Mains

Kronekalseide, Maldegem, België

Design: Quatre Mains
Project Type: Produced
Client: Igepa
Location: Belgium
Packaging Contents: Paper Samples
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard, Paper
Printing Process: Offset printing

Igepa, a leading company in graphic solutions, supplies and print-media, asked us to come up with a solution to help them sort and bundle their white paper range for everyday print-media.

As a paper supply company with a wide ranging selection of products, they required an exciting tool to aid their salesmen inspire and support printer partners in the right choice of paper for their business or product. The brief required a handy, comfortable, portable, inspiring stand-out tool. In a sea of papers, it should become your beacon to guide you to the right choice, and sail the best route.

For this tool, we wanted to create an experience and a story. Something that represents Igepa as a guiding light.

Each day, just as fisherman, we are confronted with a sea of possibilities, we tend to fish on what we know and are used to. Yet, caught in the same nets, are a wide variety of unknown species. Due Igepa’s desire to shine a light on these lesser known species, our symbolic lighthouse story was born.

The lightbox is an inspirational as well as informative too. 15 mood-boards spread over 4 main categories were created. Mood-boards that contain images to express the right atmosphere and reflect the individual look and feel for each type of paper. Inspiring images about the sea, the shore and its lighthouses, that demonstrate the advantages of each papers qualities.

Allow Igepa to illuminate a path to the brightest of new ideas.

The lightbox derives its graphic style from iconic lighthouses. It is your beacon of trust, your guide, your inspiration. Instead of plain red, we went for a fluorescent signal colour to aid impact and memorability. Inside, we played with the symbolism of naval boat flags, using these signs as a graphic, colourful language. The protective sleeve adds a luxurious and surprising touch, allowing you to unpack as a gift.

This lightbox has the possibility to be periodically updated with newly developed extra print models that Igepa often shares with their clients. This way everything can be found in the same place when looking for the right solution.