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Derrick Lin


Design: Ideologo
Project Type: Concept
Location: Cadiz, Spain
Packaging Contents: Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, plastic cap, paper label
Printing Process: Offset printing, metallic ink

Through an attractive and innovative packaging design, we introduce the new Castillo de Canena project, one of the most prestigious brands in the world of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Arbequina & World was born from a trip around the world that follows The Spice Routes uniting America, Africa, Asia and Europe. A spices selection from the 4 continents, grounded and infused in Arbequina Oil gives birth to a unique products family.

We designed each bottle and the case containing them using cartographic elements as well as spice´s old engravings, both treated with bold colors thus contrasting the past with the present. This color palette, inspired by each continent´s landscape, also helps to differentiate each variety.

The case, with copper-colored metallic finishes, evokes the tools used at the old galleons transporting the spices.

The use of contrasts makes this design special: between paper types and finishes, flat colors versus bright finishes… everything helps to communicate this journey involving the senses to the fullest.

The graphic elements brightness and impact, in addition to clearly communicating the journey and the spices with the Arbequina Oil pairing, presents a very attractive and striking result that captures with style the the customers attention at the point of sale.

What’s Unique?
It’s an exceptional handmade product that follows the strictest quality-innovation controls. We wanted to transmit these values creating a new modern classic.

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