“Axioma” signifies an incontestable truth, and this is how this extra virgin olive oil emerges. With its unique and unquestionable quality, Axioma is dedicated not only to producing superior oil but also to embodying a philosophy grounded in respect for nature and family tradition. Its inaugural release, an early harvest picual virgin olive oil, represents the culmination of this philosophy. Each step in its production is executed with precision and meticulous care.

At Ideólogo, our branding agency, we drew inspiration from Axioma’s philosophy to create a design that reflects the product’s authenticity and honesty. The simple design, devoid of superfluous details, stands out with the image of an ‘X’ formed from paintbrush strokes, simulating the color of olives. This artistic touch underscores the quality and uniqueness that define Axioma.

For the packaging, we chose a bottle with a distinctive character, reminiscent of premium drinks or perfumes. This choice contributes to a differentiated presentation that aligns with the brand’s vision. To emphasize the care and attention to detail, the wooden stopper is crafted from olive wood, a nod to the source of the product itself.

These design elements are applied consistently across other formats, including the 3-liter can and custom cases. The cohesive aesthetic reinforces Axioma’s commitment to excellence.

Axioma is already gaining recognition from the specialized press and earning the approval of its first consumers. This is truly an incontestable truth, mirroring the meaning behind the name.