We redesigned Soberano’s corporate identity and packaging design with the challenge of rejuvenating the brand. The aim is to keep its audience faithful while appealing to new consumers looking to discover new experiences through products «trendy».

Given the international character of the product, we started positioning this new stage in the universe of the Spanish aspirational lifestyle, enjoying the sun on a terrace and celebrating with our friends or family. This position is summarized in the slogan «THE SPIRIT OF SPAIN». We take advantage of the double meaning that the word spirit has in English.

The design of the packaging stands out for the main positioning of the SOVEREIGN brand, which is highly prominent, accompanied by the main values of each product that revolve around its method of production in the classic SHERRY barrels.

The choice of paper and an exquisite selection of finishes combining reliefs with different stamping passes, give the result a premium character at the height of the product it contains. Finally, highlight the color treatment in labels and capsules to differentiate the ranges communicating freshness in their younger varieties and a majestic look for their brandies of major vintage.