Juice Packaging by students of Helwan university

Rana Haroun

In the last couple of weeks, we have received numerous packaging projects done by the students of Faculty of applied arts at Helwan university in Egypt and we have decided to collect them and showcase the projects as a whole according to their categories. Not bounded by any restrictions, student projects are always full of creativity and amazing to look at, especially those projects infused with culture.

Design: Karima Fawzi Khalil

The children category is one of the most important categories of consumers who are buying juices nowadays,Therefore the 200 ml bottles “which is being used to pack juice” has been developed to attract children especially.

The proposed structural design contains a two-part closure:

  • The first is made from transparent plastic which contains a toy for children
  • The second is made from solid “not transparent” plastic which contains the liquid juice. The color of the second part of the closer changes according to the juice flavor.

And thus this bottle can be used as a marketing factor for the company to be the first company produces that kind of bottles.

Design: Dunia Ramadan Muhamed
Tutor: Nagwa El-Adawy

Juhayna Juice Nnew Design by Dunia Ramadan , Using the kraft paper as a backgounrd to give the packaging a unique texture , using red , magenta , green ,yellow , orange colors as real colors of fruit , with w sharp outlines and glowy edges to make thr audience only focus on the fruit shapes

Design: Rana Essam Haroun
Tutor: Dalia Mohsen

The design is focused on the significant inner texture of each fruit, avoiding to use the commercial repetitive visuals and photographic references that are usually used in juice products ,instead the fruit elements are hand illustrated using the colors that represent each fruit with a light color in the background to show the fruit element in an elegant and modern way.

Design: Merna Sabry
Tutor: Dr. Dalia Mohsen

As each fruit has its own and unique color and shape, also each has its different shape of leaves which makes them pieces of art, so i made an illustration of their different leaves which aren’t usually used in design and the inner parts of the fruit to impress their beauty in a way not seen everyday on the juice packaging.

Do the different colors in these items matter, or are they only decorative in nature?

of course it matters and it protects the fruits from various environmental things; but in design these colors can be decorative and significant, so i used in each design the color of the fruit that is known by to make it more visually appealing and unique.

I call it the upside down as the upper part of the fruit is rotated upside down on the top of the pack and the fruit is on the lower part.

What’s Unique?
What makes it unique is that the design is made in a different and attractive way not seen everyday in supermarkets on juice packaging which make it more interesting for whoever is seeing it and also the leaves of the fruit aren’t usually used or focused on when coming to packaging design and they’re really unique.

Design: Salma Mahmoud Samy
Tutor: Dr. nagwa

I made a character for flavors and my own concept to show how delicious is the juice, every character shows that it wants to take even one sip from the juice. The design is made for all ages which is funny and has a powerful colors.

Design: Aya Essam
Tutor: Dalia mohsen

Work began in design with peach fruit character I tried to make the character reflects the shape of the fruit and linked with Egyptian quotes inspired from the Egyptian quote “الحلوه خوخه جت بعد دوخه ” the shape of main character was inspired from the peach fruit interms of shape and the colour the concept is the engaggament of the quote and the fruit (peach) with the character then the other characters reflects the nature of the mango and pomegranate

Design: Nourhan Ahmed

This project is about packaging of JUHAYNA orange juice it is about summer fruits ,it is consisted of an orange fruit cut in half and makes a shape of the sun with a blue sky , blue sea.some birds and clouds.

Design: Salma Ali
Tutor: Nagwa eladawy

The design depends on poly fruits shapes on a black background in a simple forms and tones, to get out of familiar juices design in elegant shape and using the textures of the fruits to represent how juice is natural and fresh.

Design: Sarah Ahmed
Tutor: Nagwa Eladawy

African atmosphere that shows African woman with her turban in white lines. Face of African woman and its special color in front of the can. Using hot colors in the background specially reds to fit orange flavor. Using African patterns that they usually use in their clothes and designs by using beautiful geometric shapes to make a lines of patterns that fit African atmosphere.Using yellow color stands for freshness, happiness, positivity, clarity and energy. Africa has a huge sources of inspiration by its variety of colors and its energetic elements.

Design: Sarah Ahmed
Tutor: Nagwa Eladawy

Packaging design for LAMAR pineapple juice. Using the realistic shape of pineapple and its leaves unlike the usual form of the company.Focused on the pineapple details and the shadows to give it realism and 3D view. Depending on the yellow color which is the color of juice. Yellow stands for freshness, happiness, positivity. Using pineapple patterns icons in the background.Depending on part of fruit to give the design unique look. Using calligraphy font with yellow color gradient and brown color for the info and gradients on the juice box. the color of box inspired from the LAMAR logo to make less contrast between them.

Design: Marina Raafat
Tutor: Dalia Mohsen

Lamar juice is a very delicious and tasty because it depends on the fresh ,pure and delicious fruits .. So , when I designed my design I depended on the fruit is colors and details so I tried to use my illustrations to make this appears to your eyes and minds to make you feel that you eat this fruit not just drink it .

Design: Samaa Nasser Abd El Hafeez Kotb
Tutor: Dr.Dalia Mohsen

I used a new style by mixing the photography with the illustration so i chose simple photo of the fruits (apple ,orange ,guava ) and made illustration in the highlights and shadows and made outline for the photo.Choosing gradient background colors referring to the fruits as green for guava ,orange color for oranges and yellow for apples

Design: Sarah
Tutor: Nagwa Eladawy

Packaging design for LAMAR apple juice. Creating a Painterly Apple using illustrator bristle brush. Depending on the artistic look of the apple with solid and calm background.using artistic digital painting on its side to give it unique look. Using part of the apple unlike the usual form from the company. combining group of hot colors like red , orange and yellow which stand for freshness, happiness, positivity, clarity, energy.inspired from artistic paintings and still life art.Using colors of logo to make less contrast between them. Using calligraphy font to express the artistic look of the apple. depending classical and calm atmosphere of the apple.

Design: Merna Sabry
Tutor: Dr. Dalia Mohsen

My design is based on the outer shape of the fruits mixed with the shape of their inner parts in a simple lined illustration with a juice splash on the back to give refreshing feeling in this hot summer weather.

What’s Unique?
The using of the different shapes of the outer and inner parts of the fruit mixed with the splash of the juice itself .

Design: Sara
Tutor: Nagwa El-adawy

  • Display the design of the fruit in a way of drawing water colors
  • The design is based on the basic element of the fruit
  • The design depends on the uniformity of the color to match the color of the element with the surrounding colors of the back and the color of the drink increases the strength of design
  • The element is based on hand drawing with water colors

Design: Rana Ashraf Gamal
Tutor: Dr.Nagwa El-adawy

One of the advantages of juice is that you feel the natural taste of juice, the natural appearance of juice makes customer feels that the content of package is very fresh and natural , Like fresh fruit picked from the tree immediately.

I used soft pastel colors to make fruits looks naturally by artistic style , with strong colors , In addition of typography (Name of fruit) which has link with the fruit and some fruit’s color drops giving feel of fruit fragrance like fruit has brusted.

Fruit is the master and the master color is green refereed to nature.

Design: Salma Mahmoud Farouk
Tutor: Dr.Dahlia Mohsen

I designed a new form of rani juice By remodeling the shape of fruits on it into its simplest form; I used pieces of fruits on two sides of the juice and fruits’ texture on the outer surface of the juice
Moreover, i used the blue color for the identity of the brand rani, in adition to other colors from the fruits such as simon, green and yellow

Design: Rana hisham

It is all about simplicity and different at the same time.

Design: Joy Elalfy
Tutor: Dr. Nagwa Eladawy

Designing Beyti Juice packaging by using the natural raw fruit perspective.

What’s Unique?
Designing Beyti Juice packaging by using the natural raw fruit perspective , thus putting raw elements like fruit splashes and also real fruit print shapes formed by dipping the fruit in paint then printing it on paper to form that shape. I also used tree and fruit leaves.

Design: Huda Salah Abd El Hakeem El Dafrawy
Tutor: Dr/Nagwa El Adawi

Design for Fruitz can using surrealistic, non-traditional art, which is used in various fruit types

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