Derrick Lin


Design: RONG design
Project Type: Produced
Location: China
Packaging Contents: Coffee

Coffee Can is a premium coffee brand which is found by Chinese large enterprise group – CITIC Group. There are common perceptions that the premium coffee shops usually have black and white brand visuals, cold industrial interior style and obscure coffee menus. The goal of Coffee Can is to break this distant image of the premium coffee brands in China. The brand wanted to reinvent the simple and friendly image of the coffee, bring more fun and possibilities to the consumers. The name of Coffee Can has two meanings: one is the ring- pull can, which is so normal and simple that just like a cup of tasty coffee; the other one is the “can” that means capability. A simple cup of coffee can offer you so many things: It can cheer you up, warm you up and also can bring people together.

Design integrated these two meanings into a simple and unique logo, which is an exclamation mark that looks like a ring from the can. Starting with the iconic logo, design build a rich and fun brand image with a consistent visual language. Design reinforced the power of the brand logo by integrating it with different brand medias, such as product, packaging and interior. Using a young and fresh visual style, it showcased a new vibrant and friendly premium coffee brand image.