Derrick Lin


Agency: Midnight Design
Designers: Su I Chan, Gu Yi
Client: Goldsmith
Project Type: Produced
Location: Taiwan
Packaging Contents: Meat

Goldsmith is an importer that mainly supplies the highest quality lamb and beef from Australia. We designed the logo in the form of a badge, with the presence of luxury texture. Thus, this logo can be easily applied on a variety of merchandise (for example, stickers on their products).

As the brand takes “Blacksmith” as a reference, we adopt the concept of “shield” as the basic framework of the logo. Goldsmith presents the brand as a “guardian” that provides an organic environment to live stock. We further add the initials of ‘Natural’ and ‘Healthy’ on both sides of the logo as the quality assurance of the products. At the center of the logo, we play with the images of cattle, sheep and crops that enable the audience to visually comprehend Goldsmith’s brand.