Design: Backbone Branding
Creative Director: Stepan Azaryan
Project Manager: Meri Sargsyan
Designers: Christina Khlushyan, Eliza Malkhasyan
Location: Armenia
Project Type: Produced, Commissioned work
Client: Hellotex
Packaging Contents: Socks
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Carton

The Challenge
A socks manufacturing company approached us to create the packaging for their new collection Artsocks about some of the world’s most renowned painting masterpieces. The goal was to have a packaging that conveyed in the best way possible the name of the brand, the collection’s theme and would have powerful impact from an advertising point of view.

The Solution
Opting for the concept of the frame was the suitable answer for the packaging of these artwork socks.

In fact, no displayed painting is complete without the right frame: these two go hand in hand. Other than its obvious function of protecting the artwork and allowing it to be hanged, the frame permits the eye of the viewer to focus on the subject that it is surrounding and drawing attention to its content by highlighting its significance.

Given that the design of our client’s sock collection evolved around painting masterpieces, the concept behind our choice of packaging was to support this idea and take it a step further by turning those artsy socks into displayable and wall mountable ‘’sock paintings’.

The result
The outcome of the artsocks packaging was a frame evoking box. In fact, carrying on with the artistic concept of this sock collection, our packaging is intended to elevate the value of its content and take it to the next level by turning them into the perfect choice for a funky gift. Making the act of offering or receiving an Artsocks frame box an entertaining and exciting moment!

The design for our packaging is elegant and sober, which contrasts with the vibrant, colorful socks, therefore allowing the purchaser to concentrate on the actual item. The monochrome choice and minimal design of the frame is also intended for practical reasons: this allows the frames to be suitable and adaptable to a wide array of sock designs, no matter what kind of print, pattern or color they had.

A bigger size of the packaging that fits two pairs of socks exists as well. From a merchandising point of view, a display wall full of artsocks hanged next to one another can have a very artistic and aesthetically pleasing appeal that would pique the viewer’s curiosity.