Dili Juice Packaging Revamp



Agency: Matter Branding
Creative Director: Majd El Sherif
Creative Strategy Director: Mohamed Abbas
Art Director: Rania Abouzid
Graphic Designers: Enas Abdelrahman, Mohamed Fawzi
3D Lead: Amr Fekry
3D Designer: Mostafa Abu Anwar
Brand Director: Mariam Hamdy
Brand Supervisor: Nour El Mezeni
Brand Executive: Heba Farhat
Finalizer: Bassem Nasr
Senior Copywriter: Janan Osama
Copywriters: Omar El Rakhawi and Hazem Mohamed
Producer/Art Buyer: Yasmeen Wageeh
In House Photographer: Mohamed Amr
Painters: Mohamed Mokbel and Yamen Elgamal
Photo Credits: Mohamed Abdelmonsef and Mohammed Abdulaleam
Location: Egypt
Project Type: Produced
Client: Dili Foods
Product Launch Location: Egypt
Packaging Contents: Juice
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic Bottle/Shrink Sleeve
Printing Process: Flexography

The real story can always be found by looking back at the origins. This philosophy is the one adopted by this fruit brand in their process. Yet, we saw an opportunity for a bigger message.
Dili’s thorough process of picking out the fruits, and ensuring quality from the very first step was our main inspiration while building their new strategy. We wanted to tell their intricate story, follow their passion, and bring their effort to life.

The new visual identity for Dili is created to complement the product’s natural ingredients and convey the honesty of the brand.

People to Honor
By following this thread, we realized that it all boils down to the first step of the process: the Egyptian woman, in the rural agriculture areas, picking out the fruits.

We saw an opportunity to shed light on these women, working day in and day out to give us the best that nature has to offer. We pay tribute to their efforts, and celebrate them being a main symbol of our rich culture.

What’s Unique?
Our packaging traces the story of fruits from where they begin on trees to being handpicked by women farmers who are shown in their authentic dress in a contemporary style. Our packaging honors the women farmers as the source of goodness, and presents them in their vivid and authentic look.