10 Best Rice Packaging Design Projects

Derrick Lin


For more than 8500 years, humans have been cultivating and eating rice. With its origin from China, rice quickly spread to Asia and then to the rest of the world through trading thus rice packaging is very important transporting rice across the world.

Traditionally, rice would have been carried as breakbulk onboard general cargo ships designed to accommodate rice, with permanent wooden dunnage and spaces designed for proper ventilation to ensure the cargo arrived in the best condition possible. However, as global demand for staple foods has risen and the shipping industry has faced increasing pressure on freight rates, a large percentage of rice shipments are now transported in bagged form.

Nowadays, rice packaging has evolved and we have seen many really creative rice packaging design throughout the years. Over here at Packaging of the World, we collected some of the best rice package design and we are happy to showcase them here, you can also submit your own rice packaging project here!

Novarroz: Origins by Super. Brand Consultants

Each one of the packages has its own concept based on the origin of the product, but the three, together, have a common graphic and conceptual denominator. The illustrations were designed to capture and emphasise the richness of the look and feel that each country has. They all have a similar grid/layout that allows to keep them recognisable as a set, but which also lets each one of them build a specific imaginary and story. At the same time, the name, defined by us, also appeals to the origin of the different rice varieties.

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RICEMAN by Backbone Branding

As one of the most ancient cereal grains and one of the highest consumed ingredients around the world, Rice has been a staple component in our diets for centuries! Given that we are very much used to having this ingredient in our daily life, we tend to forget that the process in which this grain goes through until it gets on our plates is an interesting and specifically intricate one.

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Gimme A Hug by RONG Design and Consulting Company

To meet demands of different families for tastes and nutrition arrangements, the brand launched rice, black rice and millet. The brand intends to highlight the characteristics of product series via simple and distinctive packaging and present the young and innovative connotation positioning of the brand. In the process of researching and analyzing products, we has found that when it comes to bagged rice of 5kg, most consumers choose to hug the product in arms when buying so as to avoid the discomfort caused by carrying the handle, because the size and proportion of the 5kg rice bag feels more comfortable and convenient

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Abirami by Rubecon Communications

Rice holds a great spiritual and ritual significance as it is a staple of the Indian diet. Different regions grow specific kinds of rice that are endemic to its place of origin. Being culturally diverse and distinct, India has a variety of folk art forms that have evolved over the centuries. The complex Pulli Kolam from Tamil Nadu, the lyrically linear Kalamkari of Andhra Pradesh are a few examples of this.

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Healthy Food Healthy Life – Thai Wisdom Rice by Prompt Design

The rice we consume in everyday life is produced through modern conventional mass production. Many people may question if this production process is actually good enough for us. Therefore we make research to confirm that the traditional rice-growing process without any machines will yield better quality rice. This ancient Thai wisdom rice farming includes soil preparation using buffalo, seedling preparation and transplanting, hand sowing, hand harvesting, manual threshing and husking.

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Panino Organic Rice by Sciencewerk

Organic rice packaging project for Panino illustrating the city of Banyuwangi. Panino works together with local farmers to produce high-quality organic rice, cultivated from one of the best agricultural lands in Indonesia.

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Pulmuone Premium Rice by Brandchef

Pulmoune has launched a line of Premium Rice targeting the North American market. Whereas most products sold in Korean grocery stores in the U.S. are the same ones sold in Korea with slightly different labels, this new Premium Rice series are not only based on Pulmuone’s honest and sincere brand image, but also has a contemporary design that represents Northern California’s blessed natural environment and sincere attitude towards farm products with authentic photography and deep colors.

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Family Farm by Susami Creative Agency

The Family Farm series from Agrifarm collects four of the most important agricultural products: beans, rice, chickpeas and lentils. They are all produced in small, family-owned farms in Greece. Through the design of the packaging, we tried to highlight the natural ways used in their production, combined with a fresh take on the values of tradition.

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Qian`s Gift Organic Rice by Pesign Design

In the Chinese province of Guizhou, people still apply ancient techniques of rice cultivation, banning chemicals and letting nature do its work to produce the best organic rice. No industrialization, and no modern manufacturing methods either for packaging the rice: the plant fibre envelope is made by local paper-makers. Indigo is used in this region to dye clothing, so this was adopted for printing the information on the packaging, all applied by hand without any machine.

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Zakkoku Deli by Eight Branding Design

In recent years, something called zakkokumai (雑穀米)has become increasingly popular in Japan. Zakkoku just means “mixed grains”, and mai is rice. Another name for essentially the same thing is kokumotsu gohan (穀物ご飯). It’s rice that has a small amount of various grains and seeds mixed into it prior to cooking. You can then cook the rice in a rice cooker in the normal way. The grains and seeds add a mix of nutrients and fiber, and a little flavor too.

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