KASHEW – Artisan Nut Cheese Packaging

Derrick Lin


Agency: Ki Saigon
Creative Director: Kumkum Fernando
Planner: Indraneel Guha
Producer: Duy Pham
Illustrator: Luongdoo
Designers: Chung Hoang, Quang Nguyen
Photographer: Quan Nguyen
Production House: VAIB
Location: Vietnam
Project Type: Produced
Client: Kashew Cheese
Product Launch Location: Vietnam
Packaging Contents: Artisan Nut Cheese
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Screen printing, Digital printing

Ki Saigon makes Kashew delicious from the outside too.

Kashew is a small, home-grown brand from Saigon that not only loved by vegans, but many traditional cheese lovers as well. This nut cheese is made delicious by using simple, local and organic ingredients.

Kashew was one of the first brands to cater to this growing lifestyle choice, who until it had very little to turn to when it came to food sources that 100% animal-free. The process of turning everyday ingredients to magical taste shows the power of simplicity that nature possesses.

The design intent was to capture the magical realism of that process. We turned the simple ingredients that are used to make the cheese into contemporary & modern motifs. The idea was to let the ingredients tell their own story and not pollute the design with anything that is not needed.

The logo is a tribute to the cashew branch that forms the base of every cheese. Each pack shows how the ingredients of the cheese throughout its simplistic design elements, water, cashew, flavor and pink salt. The logo and selected motifs are hand silk-screened to give the pack an elegant yet home-grown look.

The natural colors of the ingredients give each pack their distinct look. Inside the pack is a small story of how this brand came about, not from a manufacturer point-of-view, but the creator Le Na’s personal story.

There is a smile waiting for the buyer when they open the pack.