Design: Martynas Vezbickas
Copywriter: Neringa Klevaite Vezbickiene
Location: Lithuania
Project Type: Produced
Client: GoodCBD Shop (Atlanta, USA)
Product Launch Location: United States
Packaging Contents: CBD and CBG Cannabis
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Jar
Printing Process: Flexography

CBD products are becoming increasingly popular throughout the entire world, as they have been proven to provide numerous health benefits, energizing, relaxing and stress relieving effects. In the fall of 2019, Good CBD Shop – manufacturer of exceptional quality CBD products – has introduced a new line of Premium Hemp Flower CBD and CBG Strains.

The line consists of four products with different flavor notes: Mardi Gras (plushberry and sweet berry punch), Sour Diesel (energizing orange), Jack Frost (sweet citrus with woody notes) and John Snow (strong diesel scent with earthy citrus undertones).

We sought to develop a powerful and convincing packaging design, clearly representing the premium nature of the products, and revealing the essence of each individual flavor at the same time.

When it comes to the selection of the package itself, in order to create an upscale and premium vibe, we have instantly gone for the glass jars.

The selection of bright colors (purple, green, blue and red) for the background of the labels, makes the products truly pop out from the shelves and instantly grab everyone’s attention.

A subtle label design, with all the spotlight dedicated to the selection of fonts, patterns and minimalistic background details – this is what we have been aiming for. It’s been a nice journey to go through!