The Brand StoryFood Spa is a healthy lifestyle-oriented brand, offering its users superb nutritional value, rich natural ingredients & pleasurable consumption experience. Our goal was to develop a brand exuding the quality, class, and natural health-enhancing qualities of these products.

The ProductThe “SPOTLESS” product line was developed in collaboration with scientists and is aimed at helping achieve personal health & fitness goals. Smaller and larger boxes of the products are available for one or four-week programs. Each box contains 7 or 28 individual packets of the product for the utmost consumption convenience.

Design Process: Branding & PackagingWe started by creating a brand logo, incorporating natural symbols in a round emblem composition and proceeded with the product packaging design for an entire product line. We’ve chosen rich & solid base colours and enhanced them with abstract background ornaments. Various interactive elements, such as a goal countdown checklist placed on the side of the product packaging, add some extra oomph to the overall design and make the product more fun to consume.