Nomu Noms Vegan Chocolate

Derrick Lin


Design: La Fin Design
Photographer: Karina Sharpe
Location: Australia
Project Type: Commissioned Work
Client: Nomu Noms
Packaging Contents: Chocolate Coated Macadamias
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Compostable Packaging
Printing Process: Digital Printing & Metallised Compostable Print

Nomu Noms brings sustainable plant-based ingredients from the earth and transforms them into delicious NOMS packed in compostable packaging, returning full circle back to the earth. bringing goodness to the world with unique flavours that taste good and feel even better!

NOMU NOMS’ commitment to the earth doesn’t stop at what you eat; we have given equal amounts of love to our packaging. Each time a packet is opened, the sustainability loop is closed, with the option to return and refill in-store or home garden compost. Because our products come in small packages, we have developed a system that has a nearly zero-carbon footprint giving you an extra reason to indulge while being kind to the planet.

Friends with Earth. Lifting the world’s perception on what QUALITY truly stands for – it’s far greater than taste!

What’s Unique?
Simply put this wrapper can be disposed of in a home composting environment, like your veggie patch.

The three films used to make our packaging are derived from sustainably-produced wood pulp and GM-free corn sources, and each film has been certified to either the European or Australian home compostable standards (OK Compost Home or AS5810).