Alpa – Authentic by nature

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Derrick Lin


Design: Garage Comunicazione
Location: Italy
Project Type: Produced
Client: Alpa Calabria
Product Launch Location: Italy
Packaging Contents: Jams and chestnut
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass jars
Printing Process: Digital printing

A delicate and elegant food packaging to tell the biological vocation of an Italian company.

Alpa is a small Italian company surrounded by nature, experienced in the selection and processing of agricultural products. The transition to organic certification was natural, considering that the company has always distinguished itself for the rigorous “internal discipline” in the selection and processing of raw materials. However, in a crowded market, such as jams, attention, and authenticity of ingredients and processing must be transmitted to the final consumer. In the redefinition of communication strategies, Garage Comunicazione has brought out distinctive brand values:

  • Product authenticity.
  • Salubrity of the environment where Alpa is located.
  • Logotype legibility and recognizability of different references.
  • Formal elegance and family history.
  • Attractivity and retention.

For the packaging of Alpa organic products, Garage Comunicazione chose an illustrative iconographic apparatus by botanical suggestions; increasing legibility and recognizability: the label is designed with an original die-cut, also adapted to the 40 g references.

Alpa roasted chestnut in syrup packaging has been designed to communicate with originality and creativity a product destined to gourmands market. It has the aim of making a precious culinary product graphically simple.

Optimizing design and shape of Alpa organic jams, Garage Comunicazione created a distinctive packaging linked to brand identity and to chromatic mood that evokes genuine pastry delicacy of a product with unique and special features.

What’s Unique?
Often luxury is interpreted chromatically with abundant use of black and gold, which is why our studio uses pastel but characteristic colors, insisting on an extremely delicate graphic motif as if label itself was a sixties gift paper. The decorations in relief on a natural, ecological and certified paper enriches the product also to the touch.