Agency: SHUMI LOVE DESIGN (TM) Branding Agency
Creative & Design Director: Valerii Sumilov
Designer: Val Noizman
Visualizer: Maxim Kulikov
Location: Moldova
Project Type: Produced
Client: GBT
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Brandy, beverage
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, paper
Printing Process: Printing, stamping, embossing, tactile varnish, selective varnish

Legard is a Ukrainian brandy with a French background.

The brandy’s manufacturer turned to our agency seeking a complex branding for the Legard brandy while having already developed a unique bottle for it.

The original design concept, developed by the manufacturer a few years earlier, had by then become irrelevant in Ukraine’s dynamic alcohol market. In other words, it went obsolete.

A new, fresh look at the Legard brand and the overall product was needed.
We faced a complex branding task:

  1. Developing a symbol for the Legard brand
  2. Coining a concept of a comprehensive product design

The concept of the Legard brand’s ideology belongs to the customer and was developed internally. The Legard brand semantically refers to France, the storied French military tradition, as well as respectability and aristocratism. The name itself alludes to such virile qualities as courage, bravery, self-sacrifice, as well as willingness to protect and support.

We faced a challenge to reflect the entire set of positive characteristics, properties, and allusions that both the product and the brand name enjoy.

While working on the project, we prepared three distinct branding concepts for the product’s design. The first two solutions were implemented per the requirements outlined in the brief. The third solution was meant to go beyond the brief and the customer’s original vision of the product.

It was this brand concept that became the basis for the final product design.

Meet Legard, a pleasantly rugged, restrained, but respectable men’s brandy with an aristocratic nature.

What’s Unique?
Besides the name, the product itself is also complex; it is an accurate reflection of its name. Brandies under the Legard brand are made following the classic French technology, twice distilled in an Alambic Charentais (a traditional copper still found in the French department of Charente). The brandy is then aged in French oak barrels, attaining flavor and taste characteristic for French cognac.