Design: Stas Bordukov
Location: Russia
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Milk, juice
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic, Cardboard
Printing Process: Digital printing

The main idea is to create packaging for drinks that quickly deteriorate after opening.

We often don’t have time to finish the drinks before they spoil, so I decided to design a package with separate, airtight compartments. For example, even ultra-pasteurized milk after opening is stored for no more than two days. For people who use milk rarely and in small quantities, this is a problem. often milk spoils faster than we drink it.

As a result, we are forced to buy more than the amount that we consume. At the same time, in closed form, ultra-pasteurized milk is stored for up to 180 days.

If you don’t use milk daily, like me, such packaging will help save time and money. In addition, you will always know that you always have fresh milk at home. Also, this packaging is suitable for juices.