Design: Misha Pilunov
Location: Russia
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Drinking Jelly
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Doy pack

BUDU jele is a refreshing drink made from natural ingredients and with high nutritional value. The product is rich in vitamins, does not contain harmful additives, and convenient packaging allows you to take it with you for a walk, fitness or just to the office. At the initial stage, the product line will consist of 2 SKUs: Siberian berries and Wild Coconut.

To make the packaging design emotional and memorable, as well as to highlights the naturalness of the product, we decided to use images of animals associated with qualities that we want to have, leading a healthy lifestyle and eating right. The bear — the owner of the taiga and Siberia — brought Siberian berries, represent Strength. A monkey — brought a coconut — represent Agility. We can say that nature itself selects for us all the best and useful, and gives us in the form of a convenient and nutritious product. We managed to get original and vivid images that make the packaging design unique and highlight the product on the shelf.

Specially developed handwritten typography also highlights the naturalness of the product and goes well with the images of the main characters of the product line. And the reverse side of the package focuses on the benefits and unique properties of each drink.